Bmobile's - "Inside the mind" with Ria Karim, the founder of D’Junction Mobile App (Ep.1)

On Episode 1, Get inside the mind of tech entrepreneur and D’ Junction founder, Ria Karim, as she regales us with her interesting tale of discovering the need for a Carnival app and how she set about developing it into a success! Be sure to share and tag the folks in your crew who might need this app!

D'Junction Mobile App Press Conference 2019

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In case you missed it! D’Junction mobile app is proud to announce that we are partnering with the TTPS this Carnival 2019 to make your Carnival road experience safer and more enjoyable! Our band tracking interface is now loaded with markers for TTPS stations and temporary police posts (for Carnival Monday and Tuesday) throughout POS, San Fernando, Tobago areas. You can tap on these icons to see exact location, phone numbers and directions to each police outpost in case of emergency! 

🚨 Check out the news conference video below for full demonstration! In addition we recently rolled our emergency alert SafeT feature, which you can use to send alerts to your group or contact emergency response agencies in case of an emergency on the road. A special thank you to our partners Computers and Controls Limited, Air Support Tactical, bmobile, the National Carnival Commission as well as Police Commissioner Gary Griffith for including us in this year’s Carnival safety plans! 

Carsafe Homesafe Wearsafe by Air Support Tactical Security bmobile Commissioner of Police TT National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago- NCC . . 

Find it all on D’ Junction, from events, to fete pics, to your band on the road and even alert your crew in case of emergency! D’Junction is your go-to hub for all things Carnival! Did we mention this app is free in your App Store?

D'Junction Safetnt Mobile App incorporation 2019

You’re On De Road for Carnival and have an emergency. You panic and can’t remember phone numbers or names or who to call. In the frenzy you can’t even figure out exactly where you are in the town! What do you do??? D’Junction is here to help! We’ve partnered with our sister app, SafeT to place a panic button right on our app’s home screen, so you can hit the button and immediately send out an alert to your crew, and readily dial emergency services if you need to. But you must set up this feature ahead of time. . Here’s how it works: 


Highlights from D'Junction Mobile App's 2019 Carnival Launch

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On Tuesday, 29th January we kicked off our 2019 Carnival Season as part of bmobile Innovation Week. In attendance were members of the Carnival fraternity, partners and friends of D’Junction Mobile App.

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